Right wing myopia and insane rants…

That’s what someone said about my Facebook posts before she “unfriended” me.

It’s well known that I have a lot of political opinions. A LOT OF THEM. The Internet is a great place for political discussions. I’ve never been shy about letting my identity be known. You’ll never see me posting comments online, and hiding my identity. I’m a proud patriot. I’m fiercely libertarian, and I tend to lean toward the Republican party when I vote.

I recently posted some things on Facebook that offended someone that I’ve known for about eight years. I met this woman when I worked at the Apple Store at Willow Bend. She had just purchased a new MacBook, and a bunch of other gadgets, and software. She was very angry that some of her purchases were not working as promised. She was ready to return everything. Being the committed Apple employee that I was, and also because I genuinely wanted to solve her problems, I worked with this customer for hours. We got her issues resolved, and she was happy. On one of her subsequent visits to the Genius Bar, she made a comment about President George W. Bush that I thought was unfair. I mentioned to her that I liked Mr. Bush, and even though I disagreed with a lot of his policies, I felt that he was still a good and decent man. I was happy that this did not make her angry, and we went right along with solving the issue that she came to have me fix. When I left Apple, and started working as a consultant, I did some work for this customer at her home. Our visits were always pleasant, even if talk briefly turned to politics. I thought that she respected the beliefs of people that she doesn’t agree with.

I was wrong. That was revealed to me this morning. Apparently, she has been reading a lot of my posts on Facebook over the years, and she’s had enough. I am both saddened and angered by the message she sent to me. It’s posted below. Although I am very disappointed, I have to say good riddance! This country was founded on the principles of individual liberty, and freedom. I refuse to conform to someone else’s belief system just to keep them friendly. Friends who have to be mollified by my pretending to go along with their beliefs are not worth having. Free speech is for everyone, not just a select few who feel that they’re the only enlightened and thoughtful ones among us. If you don’t like hearing someone speak their mind, don’t listen. If you don’t like reading Facebook posts that you disagree with, don’t read them. I never have a problem with someone disagreeing with me, but if you disagree, don’t make it personal like this woman did. Free speech must exist without coercion, or else it’s not free speech at all.

For your reading pleasure…

In not sure your ignorant post deserves a response but I’m bothered by your right wing myopia and insane rants.  Before I unfriend you, I’m wondering why you failed to post kuddos to Obama (et al) for a swift investigation to find Fokeys killer, and kuddos for the release of another American journalist (with the help if our middle eastern friends in Qatar).  And did you ever thank Obama for killing bin laden?  Or the great economy that enables you to be in biz fruitfully for yourself???  You have no idea what pressure/schl the president faces 24/7/365.  Unless you have a better idea, reconsider your hateful rants.  It’s ALL THATS WRONG WITH OUR COUNTRY!  You sweat venom.  For what it’s worth, I’d never do business with someone as close minded, unpatriotic and hateful as you.  De friending you on linkedin too.  Grow up Howie- you used to be a genius!!!

Let’s take these comments and respond to them one by one.

  1. James Foley – After making his comments about James Foley being murdered by Islamic nut job terrorists, what did Mr. Obama do? He went back to the golf course. Enough said!
  2. Obama was able to have Bin Laden killed because of the information obtained through… wait for it… water boarding, and other interrogation tactics that he and other Democrats are against. I’m not going to thank Obama for doing his job (for a change), and I don’t appreciate him trying to take all the credit. What about Benghazi? Four Americans died, and Obama was nowhere to be found while the attacks were happening. He ran off to a fund raiser the next day. He then proceeded to blame the whole thing on some video!
  3. Our economy is not “great”. I’m doing well in my business because of my hard work. Obama has done nothing for me, except complicate my life even more.
  4. Right… I have no idea how much pressure the President faces… on the golf course. At Martha’s Vineyard. On the golf course again. Oh how horrible for him!
  5. I do have lots of better ideas. Obama should be impeached for violating the Constitution every day. That would solve most of this country’s problems. Also, the states need to come together and pass amendments to the Constitution to reclaim the powers that have been stolen from them by the federal government.
  6. As for doing business with me, I don’t need you if you are going to look down on me just because we disagree. You need to grow up, lady! NOT ME. Oh and by the way… I AM a genius. I’m sorry that your vision is too clouded by hatred to see it.